Major Research Area Focused Research Area Faculties Involved
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics: Memristive Systems and Applications:  II-VI semiconductor nanostructures for memory devices, Resistive Random access Memory, Nanoionics memristive systems, memristor based in-memory computing, and Neuromorphic computing.              Prof. Asim Roy                                                     Dr. Saumya R. Mohapatra
Multiferroics: Structural phase transitions in oxide perovskites, and Ferroelectric materials.            Dr. Subrat Kumar Barik
Energy Harvesting Materials and Applications: Perovskite for Solar Cell and energy harvesting (nanogenerator), Solar Photovoltaics, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Photocatalysis.              Dr. Ranjith G. Nair                                                Prof. Asim Roy
Green Hydrogen Production: Solar photocatlytic hydrogen Production, Photocatalytic reactors for hydrogen generation, Solar photoelectro chemical water splitting.               Dr. Ranjith Nair
Solid state ionics:Cathode materials metal-air batteries, polymer electrolytes, proton exchange membrane (PEM).              Dr. Saumya R. Mohapatra
Nonlinear Optics: Bulk Growth of organic nonlinear optical crystals by solution growth and melt growth, Investigations on nucleation aspects and finding optimum growth conditions,  Swift heavy ion irradiation on organic Nonlinear optical crystals, Nano fibers by electrospinning, and Image Processing.               Dr. P. Srinivasan
Microwave ceramics and dielectrics: Microwave ceramics and thin films, and Energy storage devices.              Dr. Susmita Rabha
Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics: Quantum Materials: Quantum Anomaly in Topological Semimetals, Quantum Geometry induced Nonlinear Transport, Topological Superconductivity, Computational condensed matter physics.    DFT study of material for various applications and Boundary Perturbation Theory. Non-Hermitian systems.               Dr. Subhasis Panda                                                Dr. Snehasish Nandy
High Energy Physics: High Energy Physics phenomenology: Particle physics, B-physics and CP violation, and Neutrino oscillation phenomenology.                Dr. Rupak Dutta  
Theoretical High Energy Physics: Quantum Field Theories, String Theory and Quantum Gravity, Gauge/Gravity Duality, Black Hole Thermodynamics, General Theory of Relativity, and Cosmology.             Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi