Sponsored Projects

Sl. No. Project Title Name of Team Member Role (PI/CoPI) Amount (INR) Agency Status
1 Investigation of Resistive Switching Behaviour of Lead Free RbSnX3 (X=I,Cl,Br), an Sn based perovskite. Prof. Asim Roy CoPI 1830000.00 DST-SERB Ongoing
2 Fabrication and Optimization of Lead-free Inorganic Halide Perovskite based Memristive Devices and Systematic Investigation of Synaptic Characteristics for Neuromorphic Applications Prof. Asim Roy CoPI 2500000 DST Ongoing
3 Development of visibleactive multiphasic titania-metal oxide nanoheterojunction photocatalyst with enhanced green hydrogen production capacity and test its utility in an indigenously fabricated prototype solar photocatalytic reactor for large scale applications. Dr. Ranjith G. Nair PI 4638801.00 DST-SERB Ongoing
4 Fabrication and Testing of Tandem Layered Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cell with Elevated Absorption Dr. Ranjith G. Nair PI 2513390.00 DST-SERB Completed
5 Energetic Ion beam assisted synthesis of Ag/Au ion implanted Titania/ZnO thin film and investigation of their Utility as Photoanode for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell  Dr. Ranjith G. Nair PI 675000.00 UGC-IUAC Completed
12 Project: the project’ the Project titled ‘govt of India ’. Dr. xxxx xxxxx Prof. xxxx xxxx  Rs. 141.81 lakhs DST  Ongoing