List of Head of the Department of Physics


S.N. Name From To
1. Prof. P. P. Sahay 30-September-1994 26-February-2008
2. Dr. Mrs. Basana Chowdhury 27-February-2008 05-June-2011
3. Prof. Asim Roy 06-June-2011 04-August-2013
4. Dr. Subrat Kumar Barik 05-August-2013 02-August-2015
5. Dr. Rupak Dutta 03-August-2015 02-August-2018
6. Prof. Asim Roy 03-August-2018 02-September-2020
7. Dr. Avijit Chowdhury 02-September-2020 02-May-2021
9. Dr. Subhasis Panda 03-May-2021 30-May-2023
10. Prof. Asim Roy 31-May-2023 29-Feb-2024
11. Dr. Saumya R. Mohapatra 01-March-2024 Till date